How to check iPhone Battery Cycle Count to know if you should replace the current battery?

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Apple has acknowledged recently that it intentionally slowed down the iPhone smartphones to increase the performance. It means that while the iOS 10.2.1 update has slowed down the iPhone 6S and older devices, the iOS 11.2.1 has done the same treatment to iPhone 7 devices. Anyways, the good news now is that you can change your old battery to a new one at a discounted price.

An iPhone battery in general lasts more than one full day. And again it depends on your usage. The more you use it, the more the battery will drain. That’s why, you might have to recharge the iPhone during night hours again to use it without any breaks. Furthermore, the battery in iPhones is a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) one which means that it will degrade over time.

Thanks to the recent reports on the iPhone’s performance, you might want to know one important detail before you go ahead to replace the existing battery with a new one. “How much have you used your current iPhone Battery exactly?” To know more about that, you should know about the iPhone Battery Cycle Count.

What is iPhone Battery Cycle Count?

The age of the battery is measured in cycles. One cycle is equal to the process of draining and filling it up again completely once, which means that you can use the battery of your iPhone from 100% to 0% to count it as one cycle. In case you would drain only around 65 % of the battery in one day, you will have to drain 35 % on the next day to consider it as one battery cycle.

The official support page of Apple has provided information on the number of cycles of the iPhone and other products. They are as follows:

  • iPhone – 500 cycles
  • Apple Watch – 1,000 cycles
  • iPad – 1,000 cycles
  • iPod – 400 cycles
  • Macbook – 1,000 cycles

In general, it would be around two years. And again, it depends on your usage. Once you reach this limit, it means that your device has degraded to the 80 % of its complete capacity. Now comes the real question and that is “how to check the number of battery cycles of your iPhone?”

How to check iPhone Battery Cycle Count?

Earlier there were apps on the App Store, but now Apple has completely blocked all of them. But do not worry. If you still want to know the number of cycles, you are at the right place right now. All you will need is your iPhone, a Lightning cable, and a PC/Laptop to check the same.

There are several apps in the market that will let you know the cycles of an iPhone battery, but our choice would be iBackUpBot which is available on both Windows and Mac platforms. The good news is that it comes with a 7-day free trial. Now follow the steps mentioned below to know the battery cycles left in your iPhone.

  • Go to and choose the Download tab.

  • Then select the version of the app that you want to download depending on your Operating System. Either Windows or Mac.
  • After installing and launching the app, now connect your iPhone with a USB cable.

  • The App should now show all the information regarding your iPhone.

  • Now click on More Information to know further details like Battery Cycle Count.

iphone battery cycle count

That’s it. You have just learned to know the Battery Cycle Count of your iPhone device which will really be very helpful in case if you are looking for a battery replacement. Also, see How to fix your iPhone if Apple is slowing it down in case it is just not the battery.

We hope this tutorial will help you take a good decision on whether you want to replace the iPhone battery or not. For more similar updates, stay tuned with our TUTEZONE section.

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