Google calendar design upgrade with new features for creating conference room bookings easier

Google calendar design upgrade

Last year in October, Google introduced a new look and feel for its Google Calendar app for the desktop users. While some loved it, a few really hated the design. If you belong to the latter, then you must know that your opinions won’t matter anymore. The company is going for Google calendar design upgrade for all the users very soon.

As per the announcement by the company today, the G Suite users who have been chosen by admins to be on Rapid Release schedule will be auto-upgraded to this latest design from January 8. The others who are on the Scheduled Release Play will get their upgrade from January 15. You will still be able use the old design, but from February 28, ALL THE USERS WILL BE COMPLETELY UPGRADED.

One must note that the latest design is only one aspect of the refreshed Calendar. It comes with new features for creating conference room bookings easier and lets you to apply rich formatting to Calendar invites. Last year a update in Google Calendar know as Smart Suggestions started supporting 30 languages.

For my part, I still chose to rely on the old design as I am fond of the compact view. But there are also chances that I could be entirely wrong and ignorant about the latest design. However, share us your views anyways in the comments section below.

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