Google Assistant coming to Android Auto and its awesome

Google Assistant coming to Android Auto

The ongoing CES 2018 event is more like an arena of the latest gadgets that are coming with in built Google Assistant. Whether, it’s a speaker, Television or headphone you can see Google Assistant is coming everywhere. To make things more interesting now the Google Assistant coming to Android Auto. As, per the announcement the users in US will get full support for the Assistant in their cars.

You might be wondering that the Assistant is already available in Android Auto as you can use the service using your voice command. But, to clarify the current Assistant is Google Now-style assitant and now after the upgrade the newer Google Assitant feature will be available in Android Auto. Which means you will be able to access all third-party Google Assistant services and have the ability to control smart home devices from your car itself.

Even, if you do not have the Android Auto enabled car, you will still be able to use all the available features through Android Auto app. While you start the voice search if you still see the four moving bars on the screen it means you have not been upgraded yet. Once, the upgrade is done you will be able to see the Google Assistant logo on the screen.

Google is also working with Fiat Chrysler and Kia to give car fuel levels access to the Google Assitant and ability to lock the cards using voice command. It may happen in the future that car manufacturer may provide the built in Google Assistant feature and we do not need a phone to use these services.

Although, these kinds of feature are already available in the high end cars it will be interesting to see Google working with other manufacturers to bring this feature in other cars that cost comparatively lesser.

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