LG Unveils ThinQ-Powered 2018 OLED, Super UHD TVs With Google Assistant Integration


To be the best in the market, the LG has announced its latest OLED and Super UHD TVs with its ThinQ artificial intelligence (AI) supporting brand. These latest LG TV models are powered by the Google Assistant besides the Electronic Program Guide by the company to provide the information in the real time with the help of voice commands. Besides that, the upcoming generation LG OLED TVs will come with Alpha 9 image processor which will increase the watching experience.

These two latest LG OLED and Super UHD TVs will be showcased at the upcoming CES 2018 show in Las Vegas in the next week. You might want to read on What to expect from CES 2018 to know more about the event as of now.

The deep learning technology by LG and Natural Language Processing (NLP) will activate intelligent voice-activated control and connectivity. The TVs will let the users to search for videos, images or information with specific content with the help of available remote control. All you will have to do is just say, “show me yoga videos” or “show me all the movies this actor has starred in” to watch your favorite content.

Brian Kwon, the President of LG’s Home Entertainment Company said in a press statement, “At LG, our interest is in improving user lifestyles and convenience, which our 2018 TVs amply deliver, LG is continually seeking to innovate in home entertainment and LG ThinQ along with the a (Alpha) 9 processor will deliver a TV viewing experience that is unrivalled in the industry.”

LG initially showcased the Google Assistant enabled ThinQ smart speaker as its first product that is powered by AI last month. The LG ThinQ speaker depends on the Meridian audio technology.

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