Pros and Cons of OnePlus 5T Smartphone

pros and cons of oneplus 5t

OnePlus 5T is the OnePlus’s answer to those who have asked why a full screen view display at an aspect ratio of 18:9 was lacking in the OnePlus 5 smartphone. In addition to that, the 5T flagship is also packed with features such as Face Unlock feature which unlocks the device in less than a second. But, is it worth counting on the OnePlus 5T smartphone? Let’s find that out in this post.

Here, we are going to discuss all the Pros and Cons of OnePlus 5T smartphone.

Pros of OnePlus 5T

Pros of OnePlus 5T


  • The screen embedded on the OnePlus 5T smartphone is one of the highlight features of the smartphone. It packs an 18:9 aspect ratio full screen display. In simple words, one can say that the AMOLED screen makes the device more modern. There is also no any Jelly Issues unlike the OnePlus 5 device.

pros and cons of oneplus 5t

  • The auto-brightness works like a charm on OnePlus 5T device.

Cellular Call Quality

The quality of the calls was satisfactory. In our tests, we used the Airtel and Jio SIMs and we didn’t face any issues during the calls. Please note that there is only one single mono speaker in case if you are someone who places the call only on loudspeaker. But, the calls on loudspeaker were loud enough to give you a good experience.

pros and cons of oneplus 5t

UI & Performance

  • The performance of OnePlus 5T is very similar to that of the OnePlus 5 smartphone. The multi-tasking is handled without any issues, all thanks to the excellent RAM management for that. The applications get loaded the moment you tap on them. You will in fact get a stock Android like experience on the OnePlus 5T device.

pros and cons of oneplus 5t

  • The gaming experience is one of the best in the market. However, we faced minor lagging issues while playing the high-end games for a long time. But, it will not affect your overall user experience.

Design, Hardware & Audio

  • There is no questioning about the design of OnePlus 5T. It looks very premium and little huge as well. Anyways, the company needs appreciation for retaining the headphone jack.
  • We tested the audio with the third-party earphones and it was good. However, it is not the best in the market.


Though the OnePlus 5T packs a 6-inch display, it offers a better battery than the OnePlus 5 smartphone. The screen on-time activity lasted for more than 5:30 – 6:00 hours. It is also supported with Dash Fast Charging technology which is one of the best in the market. You shouldn’t get surprised to see the OnePlus 5T smartphone getting charged completely in less than an hour.

pros and cons of oneplus 5t


Though it is mentioned that both the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T share the same camera sensors, the secondary sensor integrated on the latter is a new one. The quality of the photos taken in the outdoor is very good. The images captured in low-light conditions are better than the OnePlus 5. In fact, it competes with the iPhone X smartphone.

pros and cons of oneplus 5t

Face Unlock and Fingerprint

  • To me, the introduction of face unlock feature on OnePlus 5T was quite surprising. Another thing that blew my mind was the pace at which it was working. It could unlock the smartphone in less than a second. And yes, it is super-fast.
  • The fingerprint sensor also doesn’t disappoint you in terms of the speed.

Cons of OnePlus 5T

  • OnePlus 5T Phone doesn’t support HD content from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as of now, but they are working on it get it fixed.
  • Though the Face Unlock feature works very fast, it is not very secure and even the company has acknowledged the same.
  • You must note that the camera does not sport a telephoto lens, and therefore you will have to rely only on the digital zoom and not optical zoom.
  • There is only one mono speaker.
  • When you swipe to the left from the home screen, there is no Google now.
  • Since the back is little slippery, you must buy a skin/case to protect the back side. Besides that, the camera is also a little protruded.
  • One of the biggest advantages of the OnePlus smartphones is the issue with the Android Updates. The company just doesn’t tell you for how long it will deliver the latest Android Updates in its devices. Therefore, if you are someone who wants the latest Android flavours, you must think twice before going ahead with the smartphone.

We hope this post has helped you take a decision on whether you have to purchase the OnePlus 5T or not. If we were you, we would not even think twice to buy the smartphone. In case if you also have made up your mind to get it, you can buy OnePlus 5T from Amazon here.

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