OnePlus 5T Phone doesn’t support HD content from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

oneplus 5t phone

A sad news for those of you who have bought the OnePlus 5T smartphones. It just doesn’t support streaming the HD content from apps such as Google Play Movies, Amazon Prime video and Netflix. This disability has been discovered very recently in OnePlus 5T Phone.

It is because, the OnePlus has added only Widevine Level 3 support on OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T smartphones. It means that the issue is also occurring on the OnePlus 5 devices. To stream the HD content, these gadgets should support Widevine Level 1 DRM.

This is a huge blow for the buyers who have invested around $500 to buy the OnePlus 5T phone. As the company has only added the Widevine Level 3 on both of its latest flagship devices, its users are currently stuck to view only the normal content from these video apps. The company has been seriously promoting the OnePlus 5T with all the immersive viewing experience tag on a much wider 6-inch screen.

However, the OnePlus has told the Verge that it will add the support for Widevine Level 1 in one of the upcoming updates. This is clearly not a minor issue as several users might have bought the latest OnePlus 5T smartphone thinking that they could view the HD content with a whole new experience.

This is not the first time where the manufacturer has come under the scanner. Earlier, the company came under the spotlight for leaving the data collection tools on users phones. Apart from these issues, the OnePlus 5 series devices work like a beast and satisfies all the needs of the users. Anyways, we feel that the company should be more responsible to avoid these kind of minor issues. You can also read the Pros and Cons of OnePlus 5T smartphone if you are planning to buy it.

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