Mozilla launched an Augmented Reality App for iOS

mozilla augmented reality app

Mozilla has just made its first step in the field of augmented reality by launching Mozilla augmented reality app for iOS. The company which is popularly known for its Firefox browser wants to make its mark in the field of augmented reality by relying on the Apple’s ARkit framework, WebXR and other open web technologies.

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Mozilla is calling this latest program, WebXR Viewer. It contains illustrative AR programs that shows its technology in the real world. One of them is a teapot which is dropped in the air. It also includes holographic silhouettes that can be placed in your real world that’s appearing on the screen. You will also be able to view your own WebXR creations.

At the end of the day, the app is not just something that is all about the mixed reality experiences. Rather, it is more like an attempt by the company to back its proposed WebXR standard, which is yet to make its mark in the field of web development. Mozilla talked about WebXR in October, this year. Though it is an interesting concept, it is still many miles away from becoming a major influencer.

If you look at the past few months, you can clearly say that all the major tech firms are heading the way of augmented reality. For instance, the Apple now has ARkit Framework to help the developers build their AR apps on iOS 11. Facebook also has something similar like the Camera Effects. For the Android platform, Google has added ARCore.

Mozilla is not the only company which is trying to fill the gap between the WebVR and the real web. Google has also launched recently an extension to WebVR called WebARonARCore.

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