Google Now lets you walk on MARS via Virtual Reality

google mars virtual reality

If you are curious to know about how the surface of the Mars looks like, then there is good news for you. The Curiosity Rover will help you. Google joined hands with the NASA to create a virtual reality kind of experience and the result of that collaboration is what you can see on the Access Mars website. It makes use of the WebVR, which means you can immerse yourselves in this virtual reality world right from your web browser and without installing any additional application.

Ryan Burke, the Interactive Producer at Google Creative Lab said in a blog post:

The experience is built using WebVR, a technology that lets you see virtual reality right in your browser, without installing any apps. You can try it on a virtual reality headset, phone, or laptop.

Our team at TechDotMatrix tried using this service on Access Mars website and we found it very exciting. Everything was very informative. Besides the data on the terrain regions on the MARS, you will also be able to view the particulars about the parts of the Curiosity Rover.

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Everything piece of information that you view on the screen can also be heard via a computer voice. According to the website, most of the regions that is set for display to you was captured using the cameras of the Curiosity Rover. The regions which were captured using the low resolution cameras are displayed in dark color.

We really feel like it’s gonna be a very good visual treat for the science enthusiasts and people around the globe who are interested to know about what’s really going on the Mars.

However, share us your experience in the comments section below.

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