Instagram Live Video Sharing via Direct Messaging feature

Instagram Live Video Sharing via Direct Messaging feature

Instagram is very busy lately because it is adding several features on its app. In the past one year, the app has evolved in almost all the sections like the Direct Messaging and Live Video feature. Today, the company has introduced Instagram Live Video Sharing via Direct Messaging feature which will let the users to send live videos via Direct Messaging.

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The company says that you can share either your live video or the one which you are watching at the moment with a friend or group of friends. While the former is more like video chatting, the latter is all about a competitor to an increasing crop of “co-watching” and video chat apps.

For instance, the Google has its Uptime, which will let the users to co-watch videos on YouTube. The basic idea for both the apps is that you should be able to hang out with your friends or beloved ones virtually. Other apps that has a similar feature are Tumblr’s Cabana, Let’s Watch It and iMessage app Fam. Microsoft’s Skype is also said to be working on a similar feature like this.

In the case of Instagram, it is not just about the video. It also lets you to broadcast a live video. In case if you don’t want to participate in the live video feature, you can do so by disabling the live video sharing in Direct via the settings of your Stories. This live video sharing feature is currently being rolled out to the Instagram users on both Android and iOS via a software update.

In case if you haven’t got the feature yet, make sure whether you have installed the Instagram version 26 or not. Lately Instagram officially launched Hashtag Following and updating its app with new feature that is certainly giving tough competition to other social sites.

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