How to view Stories on Instagram anonymously?

view stories on instagram anonymously

A few years ago, the stories had different meanings. In my childhood, the stories always used to relate to the thought of Grandma’s stories. I used to love them. Today, social networking platforms have redefined the word story with their stories feature. Among all of them, the stories on Instagram seem to popular than on other platforms.

But it would be impossible to watch a story without leaving your footprint. It means that the person who had posted the story would know that you had seen their update in the stories section by going to the list of viewers after opening their story. Do you want to view the story without letting the other person know about it? Then you are at the right place right now.

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Here in this post, we are going to guide you on how you can view the stories on Instagram anonymously.

How to view Stories on Instagram anonymously?

But, this way which we are going to share now will work only on the desktop and only if you have installed the Google Chrome browser. Follow the steps mentioned below to view the story without leaving a footprint.

  • Launch the Google Chrome Application. If you don’t have it, download the Chrome browser.
  • After launching the Chrome browser, head to the Chrome Store to download the Chrome IG Story browser extension.
  • After downloading and installing the application, an eye icon will be visible in your stories. Clicking it will allow the “Anonymous Viewing” mode to let you view the stories on Instagram without leaving your footprint.

Instagram doesn’t provide this feature officially and therefore we are not sure for how long it will work. By the time you read this post, chances are there for Instagram to come up with an update that will kill the functioning of this browser extension completely.

However, share your views about the availability of the anonymous watching feature on Instagram in the comments section below.

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