Instagram Hashtag Following launched officially

instagram hashtag following

Instagram is one of the best platforms in the world to showcase your talent in photography. Thanks to the recent improvements on the app in the live video section with multiple users and much more, it is also a good place now to hang out with your friends virtually. Every now and then, the company adds new features to enhance the user experience on the app.

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instagram hashtag following

The latest addition will allow the users to follow the hashtags. All these days, you had to go to the explore tab and type your favorite hashtag to see the top stories and posts about any subject. Instead of viewing the posts related to a hashtag in this traditional way, the Instagram now allows you to see the best #FloralNails tutorials and #Slime videos irrespective of who posts them.

instagram hashtag following

However, this new feature will still have to undergo some improvements. Because the company will have to find ways to prevent the spam or objectionable content to appear on your feed. But, there is no doubt that this new feature has the scope to let the users to dig more deeply into the communities they care about.

We had earlier reported that the Instagram was testing the hashtag following feature in the last month. It is being rolled out today by adding a follow button on the hashtag pages. The company has also stated that the algorithm for hashtags will choose the best picture based on the factors such as quality and recency. Instagram has also revealed that it has made several improvements in the arena of hashtags to make sure that the content shown in every hashtag page is safe.

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