PayPal payments in Facebook Messenger is possible now

paypal payments in facebook messenger

You can now send money through PayPal via the Facebook Messenger. Thanks to the introduction of a new extension in the app, both the companies are extending their services in the popular messaging app. This will let the PayPal sellers to invoice directly to the buyers via the private messages. This feature is going to be very useful for the users of the world’s largest social networking platform as there are several buy and sell groups in it.

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The company recently announced the availability of a customer service chat bot of PayPal in Messenger besides the last month’s introduction of person-to-person PayPal payments in Messenger.

Both the companies have been working together for a long time to make this happen. Earlier in US, the customers were able to shop online merchants via Messenger bots and make the payments separately via the PayPal. Now, the focus is going to be mainly on the small business transactions between the buyers and sellers on Messenger.

The latest PayPal chat extension will let the sellers to create and send invoice instantly without leaving the conversation and that way the buyers will know about it right away. To use this service, the sellers will have to navigate to the extension tray in Messenger and choose PayPal followed by filling details such as name, description, price and quantity. The invoice can also contain a photo.

Lately, Facebook have been rolling out many features in Messenger app like Facebook rolls out Discover tab on Messenger in India and also Facebook Messenger now supports 4K images. These new features are really going to help users a lot. The new Paypal payments in Facebook Messenger feature is really helpful for those of you who are making small payments via the PayPal. It will also let you to verify the accounts of both the buyers and sellers if you are meeting for the first time.

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