Google Guide to Technical Development help you grow your technical skills with Google

Grow your technical skills with Google

All Software Engineers wants to work in big tech companies and Google is undoubtedly one of them. The Google Guide to Technical Development is a must read if you are already working in Information Technology sector or considering career in technology. It will help you to grow your technical skills with Google.

Mostly for students, it is very hard to find out the exact things you need to study to have a good tech career. Although, we can find out what are the Programming Languages that are in demand in the IT companies but it is still like a rabbit hole as you don’t know which one to dig in first.

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Grow Your Technical Skills with Google

Google has offered to be your mentor by providing the collection of material which will help you to teach yourself and learn the right topics in computer science. There are two learning paths curated by the Google engineers and University computer science faculty. These two well-laid paths will guide to enhance your skill either you are a student, Software Engineer or faculty.

Suggested Paths by Google guide to Technical Development

Grow your technical skills with Google

1. Foundations: The Foundations Path is for basic programmers who have started learning computer courses and have already completed 1-2 topics.

2. Advanced Learning: The Advanced Learning Path is for those who are already working as a Software engineer and have good programming skills or for students who are about to complete their graduation courses and want to become a Software Engineer.

3. For Faculty: This contains the resources and ideas for computer science educators.

The suggested paths also test you with different approaches to solving software problems. You would also find the Google’s interview questions and exercises, which help you to practice for interview either in Google or other big tech companies.

Besides these suggested paths you can also visit the Resource Library that you can use to acquire the skills provided in the paths. It has recommendations for coding in Java, C++, Python and JavaScript. You can follow the learning paths in any sequence, so sign up and choose the right sequence for yourself and record your progress.

Let us know if Google Guide to Technical Development has been of any help for you to grow your technical skills or not? We would also love to know if you know about other better curriculum.

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