Google Assistant added with new features for the developers

Google Assistant adds new features for developers

One of the weapons that Google Assistant really needs at the moment is third-party app support. And that’s what the app requires to compete with other voice assistants such as Alexa. To help Google Assistant make better in this regard, the company has introduced a set of new features for the developers including additional language support, daily updates, and push notifications.

One of the best features of this update is the addition of speaker-to-phone transfer API which will let you trigger an action on the Google Home speaker and complete the same task on your smartphone. It means, that you can order food via the speaker and view the receipt on the screen. This will help Google Assistant to become more than just a voice machine.

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With the Google Home’s spoken functionality around the corners, the new addition of Push Notifications is important as it will send important updates to its users on phone. Besides that, the update will also add support for languages such as Brazilian Portuguese, Indian English, Italian, Spanish, and much more.

The capability to link accounts within the app has taken it to another level. In the earlier versions, the users were able to do it only while using the Google Assistant app. Now, you can accomplish it according to your convenience.

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Earlier, the company added a set of new features for its Home family of speakers. Therefore these new additions should help the developers to redesign their apps before the holidays in the US. However, share us your views and expectations in the comments section below.

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