Useful for women- to share location in real time via Google Maps

How to share location via Google Maps

The world is advancing and the countries are developing, but the safety of women is still a big concern in all the places on this planet. The governments of even renowned countries are finding it hard to prevent the abuse, molestation and trafficking from happening. The situation is so worse that a girl/woman cannot travel on her own even in Uber or any other cabs.

Google brought a new feature in Google Maps recently where the user can share the live location to certain contacts. This is going to be really helpful for women, because, in one of the crimes which happened to a woman who was travelling in a cab recently in Delhi, the capital city of India, the cab driver disabled the location tracking of the car to prevent his location from getting tracked and when the woman started noticing that the driver is not taking her to the destination, she informed the same to her husband. But, when the husband of the woman who was traveling in the car contacted the customer care of the cab service, they did not have any clue about what was going on since the driver had turned off the location.

Using this new way in Google Maps, you can share the location in real time with your beloved ones, alert them in times of danger and save yourselves in such situations. Here in this post, we are going to guide you on how to share the real time location from Google Maps.

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How to share location in real time via Google Maps ?

  • Open the Google Maps.
  • Swipe-left or tap on the menu button to open the Menu.
  • Select Share Location.

share the real-time location from Google Maps for women safety

  • Otherwise, tap on the blue dot in the right corner at the bottom, and tap Share location.
  • Next, tap on Get started. Here you can decide the extent of time you will be sharing the location to the desired contact. The time can be from 15 minutes to 3 days. There is also an option, ‘Until you turn this off’. You can choose this option to manually end the location whenever you want.
  • Now, choose the contact from the recent contacts to share the location to them.

share the real-time location from Google Maps for safety of woman

  • If your desired contact is not in the recent contacts list, tap on the add contact icon and it will list you the common contacts and here you can choose more people.

Congratulations, you are now sharing the location with your desired contact via Google Maps. The other person with whom you are sharing the location will get a notification in his/her smartphone to view the location on Google Maps.

You can also share the information such as the progress of your trip through Google Maps in real time. To do that, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Find your destination in Google Maps and start navigation.
  • Press the arrow that is pointed upwards near the bottom right.
  • Press Share trip progress.
  • You will be asked for confirmation in the next step whether you want to share your location. Press ‘Turn on’ to continue.
  • Now, to add people, follow the steps mentioned in the above section of this post.

share the real-time location from Google Maps for safety of woman

That’s it. You can now share the location in real time via Google Maps with your friends and beloved ones. Pass on this information if any of your female friends travel alone a lot. We hope this post will be really helpful to every woman in all the countries.

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