Facebook Bonfire Video chat app for Android launched

facebook bonfire video chat app

Facebook Bonfire video chat app is finally a reality for the Android users. The new app which will make the group video chat more interesting was initially noticed during its testing for a limited number of users in the month of September. You can download the app from the PlayStore in almost all the regions of the world.

The look and the features of the app tells us that the Facebook is aiming the millenials by providing the Snapchat-like filters.

The description of the app in the PlayStore says,

Bonfire is a group video chat app that lets you hang out with your best friends and meet new ones. When you open the app, instantly start video chatting with friends. Use effects to express yourself. From doing homework to catching up, Bonfire is the best place to get together with all your friends.


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Just like all the other apps by the company, the Bonfire is also integrated with the Messenger, Facebook and Instagram. The app will also allow the users to capture pictures of their video chats to share on Messenger, Facebook and Instagram platforms.

The experts in the technology world has commented on the launch of Bonfire as a mimic to the popular HouseParty video chat app by the start up Life on Air.

The social networking giant has observed a slight decrease in terms of young audience. Therefore, this move by the Facebook clearly tells us that it is very serious about engaging the Youth in its platform by introducing new exciting features.

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On the other hand, the Houseparty app has won the heart of the teenagers and had around 1.2 million users using with the app for nearly 20 minutes daily by November 2016.

We are expecting the Facebook Bonfire video chat app to help the company to reach out to more audience. Share us your views on the Bonfire app in the comments section below.

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