3 Cool Ways to Make your Firefox Quantum browser better

3 cool ways to make your firefox quantum browser better

The latest version of the Firefox is called Firefox Quantum. It is called that way for a reason. Because the browser has got a new look, is faster and uses only less resources than other browsers especially Chrome. I am a Safari lover, but I also use Firefox Quantum as my secondary browser. There are several reasons behind why I chose Firefox over Chrome as the latter consumes a lot of RAM thereby affecting the battery life of my machine.

To know if you have installed Quantum or not, you can do it by going to Menu > Help > About Firefox to see if your browser has the latest update. If not, download and install the update, it should take only a couple of minutes depending on your internet connection speed.

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Though the Firefox Quantum optimizes your old browser by default, there is still a lot you can do by paying a visit to the customize section of the browser. Here in this post, we are going to share you 3 new ways to make your Firefox Quantum Browser better.

3 New Ways to Make Your Firefox Quantum Browser Better

Since the tips we are going to share you can be done only via the customize section of the Quantum browser, first navigate there by going to Menu > Customize and wait for the customize Window to show up as shared in the screenshot below.

Way 1 – Adjust the space on your address bar

After opening the Customize screen, you will find that there are two space blocks on the both sides of the address bar. You can make use of these space to add additional buttons from the provided list. All you need to do is just drag and drop the icons from the screen to the space block.To increase the space, you can also add another Flexible space icon.

Way 2 – New Buttons

You will find a bunch of new buttons to add to the bar which also contains a forget button. You can make use of this forget button to delete the history from the past couple of minutes or hours. Other covenient buttons include an Email-Link button and a separate Search box.

Way 3 – Updated Themes

If you have been using the Firefox for a long time, chances are there for your old installed themes on the browser to stop working. But that’s okay. You will just have to choose a new one instead from what the Firefox is providing now. To do so, check the Themes button from the Customize screen.

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What are your views about the Firefox Quantum so far? We find it really awesome. However, share us your views in the comments section below.

We hope this post will help you customize your Firefox Quantum browser in a better way. For more similar posts, visit our PICKS section.


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