Firefox Quantum, a fast browser introduced

firefox quantum browser introduced

Firefox introduced its upgraded version of the browser, Firefox Quantum which is said to be two times faster than the original Firefox browser. The browser has a shining UI with options to personalize the toolbar. In a browser speed test, the new Quantum browser resulted greater results than the Google Chrome browser.

You will find Pocket recommendations to know if what you will have to browse on every tab. The other features such as the Night Mode are also available as Firefox free add-ons.

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One of the highlight features of the Firefox Quantum browser is that it uses less RAM when compared to the Chrome browser. Despite opening several tabs, the tests were showing the usage of less memory when compared to opening the same tabs at once in the Chrome browser.

Although the company is promoting heavily by campaigning against the Chrome browser in terms of speed and the memory usage, the default search engine is still the Google. All these years, the Firefox was offering the Yahoo as the default search engine with Bing and Google as additional offerings.

The Private browsing experience on the Firefox Quantum is also good as the usual browsing. Features such as the tracking protection are also present in the browser.

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