WhatsApp introduces Live Location Sharing for iOS and Android

whatsapp live location feature for iOS and android

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature for both the Android and iOS users which will let them share the location in real time. Yes, you will be able to share your live location for 8 hours or 1 hour or 15 minutes with your beloved ones in a single conversation or in a group chat.

All these days, we used to rely on the basic location feature on WhatsApp to share the location with our contacts. Therefore, new improvement will not only help the people to find where you are in real time but also increase the overall user experience.

You will see this feature available in your Android or iOS devices over the next few weeks. If you are worried about sharing your location thinking that you might get exposed, do not bother. The data of the live location feature is encrypted from end to end.

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WhatsApp is already ruling the messaging world and this live location feature will only increase the popularity and give itself an edge over other apps in the market. This new addition will be useful for the women because they will be able to share their location with their beloved ones and that way they can ensure their safety.

The live location feature is already available on Telegram messaging app for some time now. It means that the WhatsApp is copying one more feature from the Telegram. Other apps such as Google Maps also lets you share the location in real time with your friends and family at present.

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