iOS 11 hidden features that you need to know

iOS 11 hidden features

iOS 11 is by far the best iOS operating the system that the Apple users have ever seen. It comes with a collection of useful features, but most of them are hidden. We have already written on one such a feature, ‘Dark Mode on iOS 11’. But, it turns out there are a plenty of them. That’s why, we’ve thought that it would be cool if we could come up with a single post on all the iOS 11 hidden features that are going to be very useful. And here it is.

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Let’s have a look at each one of the best feature on iOS 11 in detail now.

iOS 11 hidden features

Create PDF via Safari

  • You can now create PDFs via Safari browser. After opening any webpage, when you decide to share the same, just tap on PDF. The Safari browser will download the entire webpage that is opened in the pdf format.This feature is already available on other browsers like Chrome. But its integration on Apple now will help you to create the PDFs instantly and it is going to be very useful for both the students and employees.

Auto-answer calls

  • You can now let your iPhone to answer the calls automatically for you through iOS 11. This will be helpful in cases when you are driving or cooking.
  • To enable the auto-answer on iOS 11, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Call Audio Routing > Auto-Answer Calls. After enabling it, you can also set the number of seconds for the phone to wait before it answers the call.

Not only talk, but also type with Siri

  • Now, you can also choose to type with Siri instead of talking with her. If you are not interested with the voice commands, all you should do is just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Type to Siri to start typing with the Siri.

QR code scanning in the stock camera app

  • The stock camera app on iOS 11 will let you to scan the QR codes. After opening the camera, just point the lens at any QR code, the camera app will then execute the action that is mapped to the scanned QR code.

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Dark Mode on iOS 11

  • The iOS 11 comes with a Dark Mode which will change the color of all the native Apple apps on your iPhone to dark color. The good thing about this mode is that it will not change the color of icons or images. To enable it, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > and turn on Smart Invert.

Shutdown via Settings

  • If the power button is broken, you can easily turn the iPhone off via Settings menu. All you need to do is just open Settings and scroll all the way to the bottom and choose the shutdown button.

Airdrop via Settings

  • You can also Airdrop via Settings now. To do so, you should go to Settings > General > Airdrop. Earlier, it was possible only via the Control Centre.

Exciting iMessage effects

  • The iOS 11 adds two new effects in the iMessage app. They are Spotlight and Echo.
  • The Echo will let you to repeat the text several times on the screen. The Spotlight will highlight your message in a whole new way on your iMessage app.

Ads will not follow you on Safari

  • The Safari browser has been upgraded with a new feature called, Prevent Cross-Site tracking that will not let the advertisers to track you on the internet. It will delete certain cookies for this process.

Safari Experimental features

  • Apple is lettings its iOS users to try the experimental features on Safari for the first time in the company’s history. To enable it, Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features where you can try a handful of features such as Link PreLoad that will increase the speed of your experience. However, it is not advisable to try these features if you are not confident about what they’d really do.

Share the Wi-Fi passwords easily

  • If you have visitors at home and they are also iOS 11 users like you, you can share the passwords very easily with them. A pop up will appear in the contacts window, and all you are required to do is just Tap a button to share the Wi-Fi password.

Passcode to trust computers

  • In situations when you want to connect your iOS device to a computer for iTunes, you must now enter the passcode as well. Earlier, you had to just unlock the device and choose ‘Trust’.

Control Centre Customization

  • The control centre has really changed the way we use the iOS devices and the iOS 11 allows you to customize the control settings. To do so, Go to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls. That’s it, you know now to add or remove apps from the Control Centre. You can add or remove the buttons based on your interests.

Document Scanning using the Notes app

  • Notes is more than just an app which will let you to save the important notes. It will  also let you to scan the documents now besides allowing you to add a table at the same time. To scan the documents, tap the Plus button and then choose ‘Scan documents’.

iCloud Keychain Sign Up within the apps

  • If you have the habit of storing your passwords in the iCloud KeyChain, you can use it now to sign in inside the apps. Earlier you had to copy and paste the passwords.

We hope that these best hidden features of iOS 11 will help you to explore your iPhone and iPad. Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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