WhatsApp now allows you to share files in any format

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We had reported a few weeks ago that the WhatsApp was testing the feature of sending files in all formats. Now, the any format file sharing feature is currently available for all the stable users of iOS and Android as expected.

Till now, the users were able to share the files only in formats like xlsx, xls, txt, rtf, pptx, ppt, pdf, docx, doc and sv through its mobile and web interfaces. However, the latest update will let the users to share the files in any format including the ones in APK format. The file size limit for the Android users is 100 MB. On the other hand, the iOS users can share any file with size up to 128 MB.

Besides this, the way you view the received photos is also updated. If your friend sends multiple photos at once, you will see all of them at one place with a thumbnail gallery view instead of viewing them in a single column. To view the full sizes of the photos, you will have to tap on each photo.

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