Google Triangle app to regulate and save your data

Google Triangle

Google is improving our lives in impossible ways and most of that is done via its Android operating system. We rely on several social networking apps in our Android smartphones which run in the background without our knowledge. A good amount of data in our small internet plan is lost that way. To keep a tab on how much data is used by each app, Google has introduced a new app called Google Triangle.

We have the option to view the amount of data used by each app already in the settings menu. But, if t you wanto see all of them at one place in a more attractive way, Google Triangle is the solution. There is also a data saver option which will control the apps from going online for more than 10 or 30 minutes.

Google Triangle is currently being tested in Philippines and it is backed by two major carriers, Smart and Global in the country. The users are able to view the amount of data left in the pre-paid accounts. There is also an option to obtain additional data by visiting certain websites and downloading content.

For your convenience, we are adding the link to download the app from PlayStore here below:

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