FLAC audio format to be supported in Chrome 56

If you are a music lover, there’s news for you rejoice. Very soon, you will be able to play FLAC audio files in Google Chrome. The browser’s Chrome 56 which is currently in the beta stage has added the support to play FLAC audio files. This puts an end to the request of Chrome Users who have been longing for the support of FLAC audio files in their favorite browser.

What is FLAC?

FLAC, which stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, is a lossless audio format with a growing reputation. FLAC files are typically large, being, on average, around six times the size of an MP3.

In simple words, FLAC audio files provide a better and higher sound quality than the traditional mp3 files. This is why the format is loved by most of the music fans around the globe. Say if you are not able to find any difference between FLAC and MP3 files, then you are probably not a music lover.

If you have installed Chrome 56 in your computer, you can play FLAC files in barebones media player. It applies for both online and offline files. On the other hand, the most recent version of the Chrome OS is already supporting FLAC.

Will be very useful for Mac Users

Windows 10 already supports the FLAC. Besides that, any app that is based on the API of Windows 10 will also support FLAC audio format. On the other hand, MacOS does not support the FLAC directly. Users on MacOS rely on third party apps such as VLC to play the audio files in FLAC format. So, the MacOS users now have a new option in their list.

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