iOS 10.1 is out now, brings Portrait Mode in iPhone 7 Plus

The final version of iOS 10.1 is being released by Apple after testing it for several weeks in beta version (both public and developer). The iOS 10.1 fixes a handful of bugs and adds performance improvements. The company is adding a new feature, Portrait Mode with this release.

Using iOS 10.1, you will be able to enable Portrait Mode in the primary camera of iPhone 7 Plus. This feature was introduced last month when the iPhone Smartphones went official, but was never integrated with iOS 10. Portrait Mode in actual fact adds bokeh to your clicks. Since this feature is going to be used widely to take the photos of people, the company came up with such a name.

Portrait Mode in iPhone 7 Plus

When the Portrait Mode is on, it will automatically blur the background and highlight the subject (person or animal). However, you must know that this mode is still in the child stage and is just an option now. This is currently available only for the iPhone 7 Plus users as the Portrait Mode will use the secondary rear camera sensor to produce the effect.

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