4 Easy ways to take better selfies

You can make fun of the people who take selfies. But, before you do that, keep in mind that it is not as easy as it sounds. Taking Selfies is challenging and if you are a Selfie taking lover, here is good news for you. Because here in this post we are going to share 4 easy ways to take better selfies.

4 Easy ways to take better selfies

Angle Up

Place your camera a little higher (partially or above your head-level). Because when you take photos with the camera at the face level, your chin gets exposed much and it’d appear awkward in the photo. So, when you take a photo, always place the camera a little higher and click.

4 easy ways to take better selfies


You cannot step on both land and water at the same time. Well, you can do it. But, you will fail eventually, especially in the case of taking selfies. Yes, you cannot hold the camera, click a photo and pose at the same time. Selfie-Timer is the savior here. Enable Selfie-Timer, click a photo and you can then meanwhile gear up for a better look till the shutter blinks to take your photo.

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Use a Selfie flash

If you own an iPhone 6S or any other Smartphone that has a front LED, you are probably smiling while you are reading this. But for those of you who doesn’t have LED in the front cam, you can find rescue in “Selfie flash” and a lot of them are available in Amazon and other e-commerce sites.

Hold your Smartphone with a grip

These days the Smartphones are getting released with batteries with greater capacities and they are very heavy. So, it would seem hard sometimes to hold them and click a good selfie. Using a selfie grip can help you in such cases.

A Selfie grip is way better than Selfie Sticks.

Let us know whether tips worked for you. At the same time, you are also welcome to share us any new tip in case if we have missed anything.

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