HTC is killing its web browser, HTC Internet

htc internet

As the time passes on, you get rid of old things. The same applies for apps in your Smartphone and HTC’s web browser app is the latest app to fall in this category. HTC has decided to stop supporting its browser app which is known to the world as HTC internet. The app will not be available after November 30.

If you still have the HTC browser and want to continue using it, now is the time to install the latest update. This version will let you to export your bookmarks which you can import in another browser. There won’t be more updates after November for HTC internet web browser. The app will also vanish from the store.

HTC Internet
In the image: HTC Internet web browser

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However, it is high time for you to switch to another browser. That what I would recommend, because, as time passes on, you need the latest security patches to defend the attacks from intruders online. As the browser is one of the main sources for those intruders to steal your information, we would recommend you to switch to firefox or Chrome that gets updates every now and then.

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