Samsung may remotely deactivate the faulty Galaxy Note 7 devices

Samsung galaxy note 7 remote deactivation

Samsung is taking all the possibilities to make sure that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t cause any harm to the customers anymore. The company is replacing the faulty devices with the new ones and they are taking all the measures to ensure the customers have the new and safe Galaxy Note 7 devices.

As far as the cases reported due to the damages caused by Galaxy Note 7 is concerned, there is no wonder that the Samsung is dealing with high priority despite losing a fortune and reputation. Looks like the company is relying on making sure that the customers to restore its good name.

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The latest report is that Samsung may remotely deactivate the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in cases where users fail to report and return the device. This is to make sure that all the customers are safe before the deadline, September 30 Friday. But it also alerts the users who are not aware of the danger surrounding the gadget.

So, if you have a Galaxy Note 7 device, you must replace it with a new safe one from the company.

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