iOS 10 Review

iOS 10 Review

May it be a software product like iOS or MacOS, or a hardware gadget like iPhone, iPad or Macbook, every new launch from Apple always draws eyeballs. And this year, the company has launched a handful of gadgets and software versions. iOS 10 for iPad and iPhone devices is one of them. And with iOS 10, Apple is providing the same dish with different additional recipes. Don’t bother thinking, because, here in this post we are going to provide you a complete iOS 10 review.

iOS 10 Review

If you have been longing for a lot of features which were introduced already in Android, then this version of iOS is good enough to satisfy those feelings of you for another one year. Now, we are going to give you a quick summary with pros and cons.

Pros of iOS 10

  • Enhanced use of 3D touch
  • Smarter Photos
  • Refurbished Messages app
  • Lots of small tweaks for convenience

Cons of iOS 10

  • Siri is still not very accurate
  • Nothing much new in design


A lot of users might complain that iOS 10 doesn’t look much different when compared to its predecessors. But what really matters is that it has brought in a lot of significant improvements

Getting Started

iOS 10 is installed in almost all the Apple mobile devices by now. But if you haven’t installed it yet, navigate to the General section in the Settings app to initiate the update manually. The update size is more than 1 GB, so you will have to wait till the download completes. Plug in your device for charging if the battery is not full during this process and also back up your files locally using iTunes besides the iCloud back up.

A refurbished lockscreen

iOS 10 Review
Revamped lockscreen in iOS 10

iOS 10 provides a lockscreen which looks much like the ones in earlier iOS versions. But there are improvements with a few new tricks. If you swipe from the left, it will land you in the Today Screen and it is much editable than ever before. Today Screen is basically a shortcut to access widgets, which can display things like upcoming appointments, latest news and weather. A lot of stock widgets are available here by default. At the same time, the third party apps are also building them to extend their presence in this area in lockscreen.

If you would swipe to the right of the screen, it will launch the camera. You can also customize how the notifications appear in the lockscreen. Using 3D touch feature, you can view and read the text messages without leaving the lockscreen. If you would swipe down to the bottom of the screen, you can view all the notifications.

A better Control Center in terms of Usage

iOS 10 Review
Control Center in iOS 10

If you would swipe up the lockscreen, it will take you to a more useful control center. Instead of displaying all the functionality in a single screen, it now spans in two different pages. It contains all the basic quick settings such as Screen Rotation lock, Do Not Disturb, Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane Mode besides the button for Night Shift, Airdrop and AirPlay Mirroring etc.

A useful 3D Touch

When 3D touch was initially introduced in the iPhone 6S, it provided a new way to perform actions by long pressing on any icon. It is much similar to the “right-click” options on the PC. Although a few apps introduced the concept of 3D touch in 6S, Apple didn’t pay much attention on it as the taptic engine in iPhone 6S was not being much focused.

iOS 10 Review
3D Touch in iOS 10

However, in iOS 10, the 3D touch works in almost every nook and corner of the device. For instance, you could now change the brightness level of the screen using 3D touch in a smarter way.

The Messages App

iOS 10 Review
Messages in iOS 10

One of the things that got a major upgrade in iOS 10 is the Messages app. You can send hearts and a few other symbols using the Digital Touch within the messages. There are also “Invisible Ink” and “Slam effect” features. You can also download a collection of software, games and stickers right from within the chats. It works much like the normal app store wherein you download the app by hitting the download button.

Smarter Photos

iOS 10 Review
Photos App in iOS 10

Photos in iOS 10 is now smart enough to detect the faces of your photos. It also uses Vision technology to add some sense to your photos and takes the searching feature to a whole another level. The app also creates “Memories” to generate slideshows automatically using the pictures in your library.

Refined Music

iOS 10 Review
Music app in iOS 10

The Music app in iOS 10 looks different from what it used to look before. The app is now all about the disc art, bold colors, and large fonts wherever possible. For those of you who were worried about Apple focusing much on the streaming music, here is good news for you. The app shows your local library the first thing as soon as you open it. A few people liked the new design and the other few did not. But, personally speaking, I liked the new design much and it is in fact much better than the previous versions.

Siri Reloaded

iOS 10 Review
Siri in iOS 10

If there is a list of things that has disappointed the Apple fans from the very beginning, I am sure Siri would definitely be on the list. But in iOS 10, it is changing. Although the voice assistant is still not very accurate, it is much better than the ones in the previous versions. We were able to book the cab in Uber using just the voice commands

Final words

I didn’t talk much about the design in iOS 10. Because, nothing has really changed much in this area. The UI looks much similar to its predecessor. But as mentioned above, the latest iOS version has brought in a lot of stability and fixed the performance issues with a bunch of good upgrades. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss to try them out. Let us know if you are already using iOS 10 by sharing your experiences in the comments section below. We would love to hear about it from you.

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