Google for iOS gets an interesting update

Google updated its Google for iOS app with new features. The latest update makes the app more stable, video-friendly and private.

First of all, the Search-engine app for iOS is getting the incognito mode. It works just like how it works in the Chrome browser. Say when you turn the incognito mode on, it will not save your activity and that includes your browsing history and searches. Google for iOS will make use of TouchID to make sure that only you can re-enter your current incognito session if you exit the app.

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And just like in Chrome browser, if you turn the incognito mode on, the theme of the app will be switched to a darker one. This is to make sure that you are holding a private session.

Besides this, you will also be able to view the YouTube videos within the search results. This means that, when you search a video in the app, you can watch the video right there without having to switch to the YouTube app. The latest update has increased the performance improvements which will reduce the crashes by 50%.

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