Now you can have a Buddy Pokemon in Pokémon Go

buddy pokemon

The developer of Pokémon Go, Niantic announced that a new feature is going to be added in the app very soon. If you are a trainer, you will be allowed to pick a Pokemon from your collection and label it as your Buddy Pokemon. Not just that, it is followed by unique experiences that includes special in-game rewards. For example, if you are a trainer and if you have a buddy Pokemon, you can have a Candy for walking with your buddy.

Buddy Pokemon will appear next to the trainer’s avatar on screen. Let’s say if the trainer is not happy with his Buddy Pokemon, a new one can be selected at any time.

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Earlier, the Niantic had introduced Pokemon Appraisal, using which the trainers can select the best Pokemon from their collection easily to clash with. Even though the game has gained much popularity, it is still under development. But, the good news is that the company will roll out more updates in the coming weeks. Pokémon Go has already generated a revenue of $440 million so far since its launch this summer.

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