Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint updated with SD Card support and drawing support for iOS and Android

microsoft word excel powerpoint drawing sd card support

Microsoft has updated its Office apps for Android and iOS with finger drawing support. The latest update will allow you to draw in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. You can therefore use your stylus or hand to add drawings hereafter using the MS Office apps in your Smartphone.

So, if you have the latest updated app, you can find a new Draw tab that shelters the tools for annotating, highlighting and drawing your MS Office documents. It has options to alter the thickness and color after you make a drawing. Not just that, you can also convert your hand-drawn shapes into custom ones.

Although Word, Excel and Powerpoint can be downloaded for free, you will have to subscribe the Office 365 in order to use the apps. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can use drawing as a reason to make the subscription. The update has also brought a new feature in Android Smartphones that run on Lollipop and later and i.e. the ability to save the files.

Let us know whether you are using the Office apps by Microsoft to view and edit the documents in your Smartphone.

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