Hungry?? Open Google and place an order

Google Search is getting better day after day. You can now order food from your favorite restaurant within the search results. The service is currently available only for Zomato and Swiggy. But, we can expect more partners to be added very soon.

So, hereafter when you search for a restaurant in the Google Search, you will see “place an order” in the search results. Upon clicking the option, Google will allow you to choose from Swiggy or Zomato and tapping again will land you in their website to place your order.

Google search food orders

You can not only place order for food via this new feature, but also book a table at your favorite restaurant. For dining reservations, Google will let you choose using Bytplus and Dineout.

Please be patient if you haven’t received the feature yet. It will be rolled out to all Android and iOS users. Or if you have already got the feature, we wish you a happy booking.

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