WhatsApp beta for iOS to get music sharing, bigger emojis and more

WhatsApp beta for iOS

The most awaited feature in WhatsApp is soon going to hit the app in iPhone. The company is working on adding a way for the users to share and listen to music.

The information was first shared by Macerkopf, a German site. The screenshots of the latest features that shows the sharing of a song from Apple Music or the device were shown in the site. Upon sharing a song with a person, the recipient would get a smaller music player icon with an album art. All you will then have to do it is tap on it to listen to it.

If you want to share the music from Apple Music, both the sender and the receiver must be paid subscribers of the app. There are also reports that a few exciting features will appear in the upcoming updates. Features such as sending bigger emojis, public group invites etc are the expected ones. A twitter-like mention feature which will allow the users to tag any person from the address book in a chat is also an upcoming feature.

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