New apps for Android and iPhone this week

Every day new app gets released either for Android or iPhone, and thus those of you who wish to try new apps have lots of options to choose from. Although, it is a daunting task to keep track of all the new apps but we have listed some of the apps here which released this week. There are few camera apps, a voice modulator apps, a weather app and a new social network along with many others in the list.

Here is the full list of apps for both Android and iPhone, let us know if we missed any which should be here:

iPhone Apps

1. BurstKey

BurstKey app lets you take a burst of photos and help you create gifs that you can share with your friends through text message, social media, chat or email using Burstkey’s handy keyboard. The best part is it can create a GIF out of any burst photo that you have.



2. Airtime

Airtime is a group chat app, which allows to stay close to your friends and family anytime, anywhere by creating a room for your different friends, interests and places. You can video chat as a group with up to six people and also watch videos and listen to music together while chatting.



3. RunGo

There are several apps in the market that will guide you through the training all the way from beginner jogging to regular jogger. But, the RunGo app provides the best running routes around the world hand-crafted by local runner. You can also make your own routes and follow them with turn by turn voice directions. There are multiple new features provided by this app and few of them are like: Don’t get lost, Works offline, Global Routes, Plan your own route, track stats and logbook, Apple watch support and many more.



4. Voicify

The Voicify app let you create a selfie video, add a voice filter, change the way you sound and you can share these videos via several social or messaging networks. This app never gets old because you can make funny videos and share it with your friends to be a reason for their happy moments.



5. BitCam

This app brings the memories of old days of digital camera picture like we used to have back in 80s. There are several filters available that help to change the image with to look old with very simple user interface. This app is actually a blast from past.



Android apps:

1. Gravity Gestures

The Gravity Gestures brings the same functions that Motorola has through it’s flick gestures with more features. There are four gestures that you can make and can link different actions to these gestures that really save a lot of time.


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2. Truple

Truple is a social app that help you to find and make new connection with strangers. You can share your needs by creating a post and interested people will connect with you after seeing the post. Either ask for help on a specific subject or invite others to join an existing group, ask for review or any topic for discussion you can think of.

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3. Storm

The Storm is a weather app that provides the real-time sever weather alert and this make this the best app to have with you. This app shows the interactive animations for past and future weather data through its highest resolution (250m) radar.


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4. App Shortcut Maker

The App Shortcut Maker helps you create shortcuts of apps and activities on your phone. So, you can pick any process and make a shortcut of that with your selected name and picture.

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5. Looxie

The Looxie app allows you to send location based photo requests to other Looxie user and in return you can get the photos of locations either it is tourist location or your favorite bar. This app helps you to see a location without being there and you can also find out if bar is overcrowded or not.


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