WhatsApp now allows you to share documents from Desktop

WhatsApp has been getting a lot of updates recently. The company has added the support to format a text in bold, italics and strikethrough. There is also a dedicated desktop app for the Mac and Windows users. Now, the app also allows you to share the documents from desktop to app in your Smartphone.

Earlier, users were able to attach and send only pdf files in its mobile app, but, the users can now send both Office docs and PDfs. The desktop version of the app already had the paper clip icon to attach media and files. But, the users were able to send only photos or videos from the gallery. Upon clicking the paper clip icon now, you will be able to attach the files in the document format as well.

As far as the updates released in the last few weeks are concerned, it seems like WhatsApp is serious about adding new features once in two or three weeks.

Let us know your views on the latest feature to share the documents from desktop to mobile in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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