How to download and use the desktop app of WhatsApp

The popular messaging app, WhatsApp now has desktop apps on both Windows and Mac. There were reports earlier this month that the WhatsApp may introduce dedicated apps for Windows and Mac desktops.

All these days, users had to use log on  in a browser to use the app in the desktop. But here onwards, users will be able to do the same via a dedicated desktop app. Just like how it used to work in the browser, the new app also mirrors the conversations in the same manner from the mobile device.

The latest desktop app by WhatsApp is available on Mac 10.9+ and Windows 8+. The user interface of the app looks almost the same as its web interface.

How to download and use the desktop app of WhatsApp

To download the WhatsApp for desktop, log on to from any browser. After the installation, you will have to perform a scan using the QR Scan just like how you used to do in WhatsApp Web. The options to do so can be found under the settings of the app.

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