WhatsApp banned in Brazil again; this time for 72 hours

WhatsApp’s UPI based payment service

Brazil has become the land of ban for WhatsApp. Back in December last year, the hot WhatsApp news was that WhatsApp service was banned for 48 hours after the company failed to provide the details regarding a drug case in court. This time, it’s no different. As per latest WhatsApp update the services of WhatsApp banned in Brazil again for 72 hours, because the WhatsApp message conversations are encrypted.

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The Jury issued the ban by asking the telecom companies to prevent the app from working. Telecom companies would more than happy to issue the ban as more number of people use the WhatsApp free calling service provided by WhatsApp instead of using their telecom connections and also using the WhatsApp video calling app as there is no WhatsApp charges. The telecom companies in Brazil have also come forwarded to express that the VoIP calling feature of WhatsApp is illegal in the country.

Coincidentally, the same judge had earlier signed for an arrest of a Facebook executive in March.

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