Viv, a new personal assistant developed by Siri Developers

Chatbot is the latest technology in which all the major tech-giants are interested in. It will allow people to navigate to your destinations, order food and other things, book a cab and everything else that you can expect from a personal assistant. Just as the name sounds, Chatbots deal with the text chats. But, Viv, a stunning voice-powered personal assistant is all set to showcase itself to the world very soon. It comes from the family of developers who developed the Siri.

Adam Cheyer and Dag Kittlaus, the co-founders of the Siri initially started working on Viv back in 2003. But, due to lack of the resources and technology, they started working on Siri and sold the technology to Apple in 2010. However, Kittlaus and few other from the Siri continued to work on Viv by leaving Apple in 2011.

During a demonstration to the reporters from the Washington Post, the team showcased the technology by ordering a pizza. A detailed demonstration to the public is expected to occur very soon and is most likely to occur on May 9.

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