WhatsApp to add Zip, Callback and Voicemail support

WhatsApp to add Zip, Callback and Voicemail support

WhatsApp has been adding a lot of updates lately. The latest buzz surrounding the app is that it will soon start supporting Zip, Callback and voicemail support. Sharing files has been a major concern all these while in WhatsApp. Although the app started supporting sharing the documents in one of its earlier updates, it still doesn’t support a bulk of formats.

It is known that the Zip files are the solo archive files of multiple files. It not only clusters all the files into a single unit, but also decreases the size of all the total files. So, here onwards, you will not have to worry if any of the files that you are sharing in WhatsApp cannot be shared due to the file extension issue. For instance, say if you have an extension that is not supported in WhatsApp, you can archive it to a zip file and then share it with your beloved ones.

WhatsApp will also start supporting the voice mail function. The app already allows us to send voice clips in the chats. It will therefore be interesting to see whether what the WhatsApp is really meaning by its upcoming Voice Mail feature.

At the same time, the users will be able to return a missed call quickly in WhatsApp without having to open the main app.

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