WhatsApp has rolled out the Whatsapp document sharing feature

WhatsApp Document sharing feature

WhatsApp has although not yet announced it but if you have latest update of it either on iOS or Android you will be able to see the WhatsApp document sharing feature. The option to share document is also available for groups as well.

WhatsApp Document Sharing Feature

To use the WhatsApp document sharing feature you need to tap on the same share attachment option that you have been using to share music, videos and pictures in iOS or Android. Now, you will be able to see one more option along with existing one and i.e. “Document”.

If, you are an iOS User you will be able to share documents from iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive (only if they are installed in your smartphone). And, if you Android User the WhatsApp will let you choose file from your File Folder itself to share the documents. But the feature is unfortunately limited to only PDF files at this time and WhatsApp may soon update the WhatsApp document sharing feature to let you share file of other format as well. Also, if the recipient hasn’t upgraded to the latest version of WhatsApp, document sharing will not work and you will receive a pop up that the contact has to “update WhatsApp to receive documents.”


Around a billion people use the service daily around the globe. From a dad in US sharing the photos of his newborn, to a student in Indonesia checking with her friends back in home, to a doctor in India keeping in touch with her patients, people depend on WhatsApp as it is simple, fast and reliable.

WhatsApp had earlier made its services free in countries like India citing that a majority of people living in those countries do not use Debit/Credit cards. WhatsApp has also made it clear that it won’t rely on third-party services to generate revenue. However, we all know that WhatsApp is certainly least bothered about generating revenue as it is owned by a billion dollar baby, Facebook.

Let us know about your experience how this is working for you.

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Source credit: TechCrunch

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