WhatsApp Android camera gets an advanced UI

whatsapp android camera

WhatsApp Messenger for Android has got a new update. The latest WhatsApp update provides the users a whole new WhatsApp Android camera UI to click the photos using a filter. This is the second update of WhatsApp for Android in less than 7 days. WhatsApp latest version had added the support to format the text in bold, italics and strikethrough the new WhatsApp message a few days ago.

The WhatsApp view calling app new smaller white shutter icon has replaced the older blue shutter icon in the new Whatsapp Android camera UI. The other icons such as the camera and flash are also aligned with the shutter icon. Besides that, you will also be able to see the most recent clicks from your Smartphone in the latest version. Not just that, the Send to contact box that was located at the top is now swapped by a small note that asks you to click the photos by tapping and holding the shutter button.


Lately, WhatsApp has been adding a lot of enhancements through updates in WhatsApp message. However, this camera update in the app is certainly going to win a lot of hearts as the app is known for being used extensively to share and exchange photos although it isn’t just a photo-sharing app.

If, thoughts are coming to your mind that I need WhatsApp free app. You can do the WhatsApp download for Android from Google Play Store or upgrade WhatsApp if already using it.

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