Gmail support for Microsoft exchange added in Android

gmail support for microsoft exchange

Google Gmail is one of the most necessary apps in our Android devices as most of us rely on the services offered by this Google apps to send emails. Although Gmail Inbox has replaced the Gmail app in certain Smartphones to send Google mails, a large section of users still use the Gmail app to view and communicate through mails. Well, if you are a fan of the Gmail App in Android, there’s good news for you because Gmail support for Microsoft exchange has been added in Android.

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Yes, the latest update Gmail 6.4 added support for all Microsoft Exchange accounts. The Gmail support for Microsoft exchange feature was already added earlier through an update Gmail 5.0, but, it worked only for Nexus and Android One devices. The app already supports the IMAP and POP3 accounts such as Yahoo and Outlook.

The update is already out for this email app. If you haven’t got the update Gmail email app, please be patient. It will certainly come knocking the door of your Smartphone very soon.

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