Amazon Echo can add events to Google Calendar

Amazon Echo, an artificial intelligence gadget from the family of Amazon, is operated using voice commands. It responds to the name “Alexa” and this word is used to wake the device for operations like setting alarm, playing music, listening audio-books, creating To-do-lists and streaming podcasts.

The device also provides updates on weather, traffic and the other real time information. The best part of Echo is that it lets you to control the light and other appliances besides allowing you to create shopping lists on Recently Amazon has added one more feature if and this feature is enabled Amazon Echo can add events to Google Calendar.

The new feature will allow Amazon Echo to add those events via the Alexa software agent. Although, until now, Alexa has been narrated scheduled events to its users but this feature is certainly beginning to encroach on Google’s Android territory. Before using this new feature, you will first have to enable the “link Google Calendar account” in your Alexa app. After you link your calendar in the Alexa app, you can then ask Alexa to add new events or review upcoming events on your calendar. To add an event you have to simply say “Add an event to my calendar,” or “Add Meeting to my calendar for Monday at 9:00 a.m.”.

As, per the Amazon support page to link the account, users need to open the Alexa app, go to Settings, select Google Calendar, and choose ‘Link Google Calendar Account’ option. Then you need to sign in with their Google account to confirm the account access.

Although Amazon Echo provides a lot of options with wide range of possibilities to control everything by voice, earlier it was lacking portability due to its cylindrical shape which is 9.25 inch tall. But, with the launch of Amazon Echo Dot the miniature version of Amazon Echo, Amazon has confirmed that they are really very serious about this device and we may may see some more updates and exciting features in these devices.

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