Amazon Echo can now read Kindle eBooks to you

Amazon Echo can now read Kindle eBooks to you

Amazon Echo is becoming more than just an artificial intelligence device. It can now read Kindle ebooks to you. In addition to being a device that would control you almost anything from music to home appliances, the new feature will allow Amazon Echo to take you to a whole another world if you are a bookworm.

The new feature uses the text-to-speech functionality to read out your favorite eBooks. It is similar to the audio service in Wikipedia. It won’t be as pleasant as listening to a normal audio book as the Amazon Echo would be using its artificial intelligence assistant Alexa’s voice to read the ebooks. It will be different and awesome for the newbies who haven’t tasted the pleasure of listening to an audio book.

This feature is available not only in the books that you purchase from the store, but also in the books that you borrow from Kindles Lending Library or Kindle Unlimited. Not all books support this feature and it is not available on Fire devices yet. However, you can check the availability of this feature for your favorite title by browsing it in Alexa app or in the web portal.

You can start a book from there, or simply say “Alexa, read my book, [TITLE]” to start listening to a book. You can say “Skip Back/Ahead”, “Go Back/Forward”, or “Next/Previous” to go to the previous or next paragraph.

In addition to that, Amazon has improved the Audible audiobook playback functionality of Alexa, which is available on both the Echo and Fire TVs. You can now skip ahead or backwards in a book by saying “next/previous chapter.” This feature also allows you to start from almost anywhere, because, you can jump directly to a specific chapter by saying “go to chapter [NUMBER].”

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