WhatApp update for iOS allows you to save media for specific chats

WhatsApp update for iOS

WhatsApp update for iOS added a set of new features in its latest WhatsApp app including saving media for specific chats or groups.

Yes, you can now save media for specific chats in WhatsApp for iOS. Here onwards, when you select a chat name or a group name, an option will be shown to save the incoming media. You can choose either “Always” or “Never” in the option to save the media as you wish. This is going to be useful for those of you who want to save media that you’d receive only from the family or the close friends.

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The latest WhatsApp app update will also be useful for those of you don’t want to download images from any group in which you aren’t an active member.

Besides that, the WhatsApp update for iOS also allows you to reply messages by pulling down the in-app notifications. Not just that, the missed calls are now shown inside the chat.

A feature that was noticed in the most recent beta update in WhatsApp for Android that allows users to share text in bold and italics is not included in the latest WhatsApp update for iOS.

Let us know in your comments if you update your WhatsApp and what you think about this latest feature in WhatsApp for iOS.

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