Twitter turns 10, celebrates with #LoveTwitter hashtag


The social networking platform, Twitter is turning 10 today and celebrating with #LoveTwitter.The current CEO, Jack Dorsey was one of the members who founded the Twitter 10 years ago on March 21, 2015. Today, the Twitter has become part of our daily life and has over 320 million active users per month.

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Thanks to its 140 character limit, the platform has changed the way we communicate. Recently there were rumors and reports that the company would increase the character limit to 10,000. But, putting all such rumors to an end, the CEO confirmed that the social networking site would stick to the traditional 140 character limit.

“It’s staying.  It’s a good constraint for us and it allows for of-the-moment brevity,” Mr Dorsey said on NBC’s Today Show.

The platform has been an excellent helper for the celebrities to stay in touch with their fans and for the fans to follow the instant updates from their favorite celebrities.

Twitter posted “Thank you. Love Twitter” to mark its 10 year anniversary. At the same time, it is also inviting users to join in the celebration with a hashtag #LoveTwitter.

“As March 21 begins around the world, each of our global offices will kick off the day by showing our appreciation and gratitude — starting in Sydney and following the sun to headquarters in San Francisco. We are excited to celebrate with all of you,” said Twitter in a blog post.

The company has been adding a lot of features lately to be on par with its counterparts such as Facebook.

We take this opportunity to wish Twitter a happy birthday and many successful years ahead.

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