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Inbox by Gmail com, the advanced version of Gmail account is known for having equipped with a lot of features and options which are used to view and send an email in a style very easily one you are done with gmail signin. Gmail Smart Reply is one of those features in Inbox which makes Gmail account very special among the other email services.

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Google uses its Machine learning algorithms to analyze in order to come up with three short replies.

All these days, Smart Reply in Gmail email Inbox has been available only in its mobile applications. But, the good news is that it will be available in the web as well from today. According to Google, Smart Reply is used in 10 percent of the all the replies. We can expect this number to grow as the Smart Reply is now available in the Web Versions as well.

Smart Reply is certainly a good feature for those of you who don’t want to type long sentences in the email of Inbox Gmail. And let’s say if you are confused about how to begin your email, you can find rescue in Smart Reply by picking one of its messages which it shows.

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