Instagram feed to get an upgrade from Chronological to Best posts first

Instagram is all set to make a change in the order of its Instagram feed. All these days, the posts have been shown in a chronological order in the app. Now, the Instagram wants you to see your Instagram feed or favorite posts first irrespective of when it was posted.

Say if you didn’t open Instagram for a long time, you will not have to worry for having missed the posts of the favorite Instagram accounts, because, the app will show the posts that you have missed right at the top.

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Facebook already has this feature. Users choose, “See posts first” option to get the favorite posts at the top of the news feed. Twitter also has a similar feed architecture.


Integration of the new algorithmic feed in Instagram will prevent you from missing any of your favorite posts. It also seems like the users will have to make their posts extraordinary to get them noticed by the algorithm.

Now that the Instagram is also going to get an algorithmic feed, the competition between social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram is going to be more powerful than ever before.

Would you like to have a new feed in your Instagram account? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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