Facebook Messenger for Android gets Material Design officially

Facebook has been working on a series of updates for Facebook Messenger. We had earlier updated on the availability of sharing music and playlists from Spotify in Facebook Messenger. Just hours after this update, the latest buzz is about the look of the app in Android. Yes, Messenger for Android gets an official Material Design.

The previous design was already pretty close to the Material Design. But, in the latest update there are slight changes in the design including the cleaner blue color at the top of the screen. The toolbar of the app has been modified and is located now below the draft space rather than the top of it. Other earlier features of the app such as “the like button” etc are still available in the app at the same place.

It is known that the Facebook is looking forward to introduce ads in the app and now it seems like the company is trying to win the hearts of those who have been disappointed by this decision. However, we will have to wait and see to know whether how Facebook will maintain the number of users in the Messenger app.

Let us know your views about the latest Material design update of Messenger in Android through your comments below.

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