Inbox by Gmail now offers better search results

Thanks to the most recent update, Inbox by Gmail provided by Google will make things easier for you in the search results and help you to find the vital information that is hidden inside the emails. The new update will allow the Inbox by Gmail app to start getting “streamlined search results” and “answers at glance” very soon.

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We know that our inboxes are piled up with all the information from the personal stuffs to the most recent movie that we’ve watched. Therefore, although we can search using the traditional search box, we might not be able to find the exact information that we are looking for at the right time.

Govind Kaushal, the Product Manager at Google says that the Inbox now includes a number of improvements to help you find answers even faster.

inbox-by-gmailImage Credits: Google

When you are searching for a shipping status or a frequent flyer number, the app will show the most significant information at the top of search results in the form of cards. This allows the users to have a look at the most vital information like the flyer number, the amount of an online purchase, and the name of the movie that you are about to watch with the venue etc. without actually having to open the emails.

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If you have the exact piece of vital information, searching for package tracking, bills, events, flights, membership numbers, phone numbers and addresses can be done instantly with this new update. For those of you who are more conscious about the privacy, this update might not impress you very well as you will be aware of the fact that your Gmail Inbox knows a lot about you and remember more than you do.

According to Govind Kaushal, “Every second counts, so start saving time with the Inbox, and spend it on what matters the most.”

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